Welcome to BFC

Why Come to Bible Fellowship Church?

One word. Simple. We keep things simple to help you get the most out of your spiritual journey without adding to the clutter of our modern life. Our focus is on solid Bible teaching and fellowship with one another.

Don’t have a spiritual journey? Are you asking questions about what it means to be a Christian? Confused by all the different views clamoring for your attention? You’re not alone! Many of us asked the same questions and found answers by studying the one reliable source for God’s identity and revelation of Himself, the Bible!

You are welcome to join us at 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings for church service.

We serve breakfast every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM. It’s a great time of fellowship and a great way to meet folks if you are new to BFC.

At Bible Fellowship Church we encourage a cross generational approach that is reflected in our Discipleship and Church Service for the whole family.





Follow along as we study the Book of James in our Discipleship time and then enjoy the teaching from Pastor Don in the Book of Daniel. Practical instruction for people who want to walk with God!